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Is an integrated circuit a chip

Is an integrated circuit a chip

Many people always refer to integrated circuits as chips, so what does the two have to do with each other? Simply put, integrated circuits are circuits that are integrated into a chip. A chip is an abbreviation for integrated circuit. In fact, the real meaning of the word chip refers to a little big semiconductor chip inside the integrated circuit package, that is, the die. Strictly speaking, chips and integrated circuits cannot be interchanged.

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What is an integrated circuit

An integrated circuit is a microelectronic device or component. A certain process is used to interconnect the necessary transistors, resistors, capacitors, and inductors in a circuit and wiring together, made on a small piece or pieces of semiconductor wafer or dielectric substrate, and then packaged in a package It has become a micro-structure with the required circuit functions, in which all components have been integrated into a structure, making electronic components a big step toward miniaturization, low power consumption, intelligence and high reliability. It is represented by the letter "IC" in the circuit. The inventors of integrated circuits are Jack Kirby (an integrated circuit based on germanium (Ge)) and Robert Noyce (an integrated circuit based on silicon (Si)). Most applications in the semiconductor industry today are integrated circuits based on silicon.

Integrated circuit characteristics

The integrated circuit has the advantages of small size, light weight, few lead wires and solder joints, long life, high reliability, good performance, etc. At the same time, the cost is low and it is convenient for large-scale production. It is not only widely used in industrial and civilian electronic equipment such as radio cassette recorders, televisions, computers, etc., but also widely used in military, communications, remote control, etc. Using integrated circuits to assemble electronic equipment, the assembly density can be increased by several tens to thousands of times compared with transistors, and the stable working time of the equipment can also be greatly improved.

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Common use of potentiometers

The potentiometer can adjust the voltage division ratio and change the potential. It is equivalent to an electronic component that can be adjusted. The English symbol is Rp. The potentiometer is derived from the development of a variable resistor. It is composed of a resistor and a rotation. The sliding system is composed of a movable arm contact brush sliding on the resistor body, which can continuously change the negative value between the movable arm and both ends.

precautions for using potentiometer

The resistance value of the potentiometer is generally not recommended to be adjusted up or down, or it will affect the operation performance of the potentiometer, and thus it is easy to cause the anti-interference ability of the potentiometer to deteriorate. Therefore, the use of potentiometers will be greatly affected.

When the potentiometer works frequently, pay attention to the detection quality of the potentiometer to see if there is a fault. For the operation power of this type of potentiometer, it is not suitable for small, and the power of the general potentiometer is not suitable for some. Use of small venues.

The resistance of the potentiometer generally should not exceed its standard 1010KΩ, otherwise the connection between the internal circuits of the potentiometer will not match each other, resulting in damage to the potentiometer.

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Live in a smart home with automatic customization

Live in a smart home with automatic customization

It is one of the most well-known companies in the field of home automation. A long time before the ecosystem, that is, a few years before Google launched its Assistant, the only day when Amazon responded was when someone yelled in the warehouse and had been creating customized smart home systems for customers through its authorization. Distributor program-Use interconnected products from many different partners.

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Launched 15 years ago, users who specialize in providing high-end products at high-end prices not only want to obtain professional installation guarantees, but also hope to obtain support from the support system to continue to maintain and update their interconnection technologies.

But while it may have jumped into the ranks of more mainstream and cheaper smart home competitors, it is now more common in a market for connected home products than ever before. Users are more savvy in creating their own smart home settings and automation.

Therefore, is there room for quality services such as this? In the past few months. This is the main selling point; that is, people do not have to worry about setting up their smart home technology or performing maintenance. However, this does cause some restrictions on you and increases additional costs.

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Enterprise data management needs






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Regular patches and updates to protect network security

Regular patches and updates to protect network security

Whether it's an operating system, hardware, or business-critical software, or even an Ip camera, diligent patching is critical to security. In the computer field, "zero-day vulnerabilities" refer to security vulnerabilities that are maliciously used immediately after being discovered, and attacks launched using such vulnerabilities are called "zero-day attacks." This kind of attack utilizes the user's lack of prevention awareness or has not been patched, causing huge damage. Zero-day vulnerabilities have always been the favorite of hackers. Usually, malicious exploits will appear within the same day that the vulnerability and security patch are exposed. patching in time is the best way to prevent zero-day attacks, although this is a boring and tedious job , But it is essential.

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Follow good password hygiene habits and carry out modern management.

Always change the default password for purchased new hardware (such as routers) and software. Use a "strong password" and change it several times a year. Never use the same or similar passwords for multiple devices / services! To make all of these things easier, you can use a practical "password manager"-a password manager with hardware optimization features like Dashlane.

Use dual (or multiple) authentication-also known as "2FA".

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If both end users and enterprises use dual (or multiple) authentication, most of the hidden risks of data and privacy leakage can be eliminated. This is a free, simple, and effective method. If you want to choose a "lay win" method in cyber security, it is it. In addition, closely related to this, according to the requirements of identity verification, different suppliers are selected on demand-from financial services to office services. Two-factor authentication is required, and suppliers must have clear and easy-to-understand privacy and security statements.

Tactics do not have sophisticated and sophisticated techniques, nor unique innovative methods, but many of these important matters are worth talking about. If this article makes every SME that read it take at least one of its actions, then it makes sense.

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為了能夠爭取到這群消費大軍的光顧,都會配備上visa 碌卡機或者是visa 收款










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Empty your luggage every single day to maintain it cleanse

Empty your luggage every single day to maintain it cleanse

manage your investing. Check out previous bank statements and/or credit card statements, and manage your costs into categories. There are a variety of online applications that could track spending by group in case your bank or credit history union doesn't offer budgeting software package. Figure out whether your money is currently being invested to the issues that make any difference most to you and your loved ones. Are there options to chop back again on shelling out to save much more or pay down debt?

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Empty your bag each and every working day

Creating a habit of emptying your bag or briefcase every single working day is usually cathartic. Not merely does one start off the following working day by using a clean slate by expending a handful of moments now uploading price receipts, submitting any essential paperwork and discarding unneeded papers, however , you remove the burden of things piling up or turning out to be misplaced or overlooked.

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Do the exact same together with your daily mail. Recycle spam but you'll want to shred any credit card delivers or mail you do not intend to maintain that contains personal facts. Set any expenditures that have to have being paid out inside of a site in which they’re simply obtainable when you are ready to take a seat down and shell out them. File anything that is really worth trying to keep so that you can conveniently find it later.

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辦公家具的顏色會損害每個人的情緒。 因此,辦公家具制造商建議可以根據每個人的情感要求來選擇家具的顏色,從而使員工擁有更強的辦公氛圍。 盡管這是一個隨意的設計方案,但對於員工的心理狀態變化將有不同的體驗。














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打造Finest Design Nest,提供舒適的工作空間,讓創意工作者協作共享。









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所有機器都有使用壽命,需要維護。 咖啡機也是一樣。 作為一個咖啡師,你不僅需要知道如何調制咖啡飲料,還需要知道如何照顧你的”小朋友”以及如何好好照顧你明天要用的咖啡機。


蒸汽棒:—使用蒸汽棒制作奶泡後需將蒸汽棒用幹淨的濕抹布擦拭並再開一次蒸汽開關鍵用蒸汽本身噴出的沖力及高溫動清潔噴氣孔內殘留的牛奶汅垢,以維持噴氣孔的暢通; 如果蒸汽棒上有殘留牛奶的結晶,請將蒸汽棒用裝入八分滿熱水的鋼杯浸泡,以軟化噴氣孔內及蒸汽棒上的結晶,二十分鍾後移開鋼杯,並重複前述第一段的操作。










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